If you would like to write or otherwise contribute to Elsewhere, whether for the print journal or blog, please first read this page before getting in contact with us:


Please note: we are not currently accepting submissions for the print journal. The submissions window for Elsewhere No.05 is now closed. Please check this page in the future, or sign-up to our newsletter, for announcements of submissions windows for future editions. We accept submissions for the blog at any time (see below).

General submissions guidelines for the journal:

The only guidelines are that completed pieces should be linked to the general theme of place and the issue theme. With regards to length, most pieces we publish will be between 1000 and 5000 words. We also remain interested in photography, illustration and other visual arts projects related to the theme of place. Please note that, unfortunately, we cannot continue to pay contributors to Elsewhere. We have long had this as our aim, but the project as it is right now cannot sustain it.


We are inviting submissions to the blog. For the blog there is no theme other than place, and we will accept blog submissions at any time. Please note that for the blog, we very rarely accept pieces that are over 1000 words and again we are unable to pay contributors. We also encourage submissions of photography, artwork, illustration or film for the blog. Submissions for the blog can also be sent to